Drive Customers to your Storefront

Driving customers to your storefronts is important in order to generate sales. The following article describes ways that you, as a creator, can get customers to your storefront.

Social Media:
1. Share links to your videos, photos, and storefront on social media.

2. Add a link to your storefront to your social media bios, such as Instagram.

3. Add your storefront to your Linktree.

4. Monetize your Facebook page with a Shop Now button.

5. Link to your storefront, to videos and photos, or directly to products through Swipe up on your Instagram Stories.


1. Text and email your customers with links to products, to videos and photos, and to your storefront.

2. Create a whatsapp group and post links to your latest photos and videos.

3. Start with your friends and family to grow your customer base.