Product Detail Page Integration

Utilizing creator content on your product detail page (PDP) is an integral part of your Creatable program. Content can be dynamically optimized and distributed to your PDP in the following ways:

1. Creatable widget

The easiest way to get content onto your PDP is to use one of the preconfigured javascript widget templates available in your account from the "Widgets" section.

Your IT team will embed your desired widget onto your site's PDP template, ensuring that all product pages are automatically populated with relevant and optimized content.

Content for these widgets can be sorted by highest converting, most recent, or most engaging directly from your account. Please contact your Client Success representative to learn more.

2. Create a custom experience with Creatable content

There are 3 options for creating a custom experience.

  • Build your experience and leverage our IFRAME embedded player.
  • Build your experience and leverage our Javascript player.
  • Build your experience and leverage your own player.

All options require that you have ingested Creatable video asset data into your exist CMS or ecommerce platform. This data enables you to pass any required information to render your experience and player. This can be done by importing a content data feed on a daily basis, or by accessing our Content API.

Additionally, if you choose to leverage your own player, you will need to implement the Creatable analytics library so that the data can be presented in reports and sales attribution can be tracked.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact your Client Success representative.