Why didn't I get credit for a sale

Consumers have many options today when it comes to online shopping including different payment methods and different checkout technologies. Additionally, with the increased focus on data privacy, consumers have options and tools available to them to control how their activity on the internet is tracked. As a result, you may occasionally have a sale that you were expecting to show up in your analytics not show up as a qualified sale.

Some of the common reasons for this include:

  • Alternate checkout options - Sales through external checkout options, like Paypal, are not able to be tracked.
  • Mobile app purchases - Not all brands that utilize Creatable have integrated sales tracking in their mobile app.
  • Incognito mode - Consumers who browse in Incognito mode, or who decline cookies/tracking when navigating to a website will not have their sales tracked.
  • Browser extensions - Consumers who have installed cookie or ad blocking browser extensions may not have their sales tracked.
  • Deleting Cookies - Consumers who delete their cookies before completing their purchase will not have their sales tracked.
  • Alternate Devices and Browsers - Occasionally, consumers will browse your content in one browser (or device) and then make a purchase later using a different browser (or device). In this case, sales will not be tracked.
  • In Store Purchases - Consumers who purchase in store will not have their orders tracked.
  • Purchases on other web sites - Consumers who purchase from other websites (ie. Amazon.com, etc.) will not have their orders tracked.