Using Employees as Creators: Payment and Operational Considerations

The following article highlights operational and financial considerations applicable to running  a creator program with employees.

Paying employee creators

Employees can receive commission for their sales based on allocated rates per creator and/or creator tier, participation in campaigns, and other monthly payments for defined activity, all supported by the Creatable platform. 

While external creators are easily paid for any of the above activities via the Creatable platform (and a 1099 is issued directly by Creatable), employees are paid directly via your existing payroll process. To facilitate this process, associated data and reports are available via API, and exportable from the Creatable platform.

Content ownership

The transfer of content ownership rights to you from all creators on your program is a common expectation and the default Creatable creator terms and conditions specify this, providing you with the rights to use such content for any commercial purpose whatsoever.

Managing schedules pertaining to hourly and/or non-exempt employees

In order to eliminate/minimize any exposure for work related activity that hourly and/or non-exempt sales employees may claim to have assumed outside of their scheduled hours of employment, we advise specifying such limitations clearly in your program terms and conditions. In addition, the Creatable platform offers the ability to add an additional custom notice to employees within the creator workflow, if you so choose.

Support & training

Creatable will handle all creator support requests via email and the Creatable support site. Inquiries can be submitted to We also make available support content to your teams if you wish to incorporate training and/or support materials under your branding, as desired. You can manage links to custom support and training materials from within the creator app, thereby ensuring that access to custom branded content is always fresh and available to your creators. 

Program terms & conditions

The terms and conditions of your program, referenced above, are at all times controlled by you. They can be created, edited and updated at any time to ensure that your creators are bound by all applicable terms and conditions.