Social Sync

The purpose of this document is to describe the capabilities of social sync on the Creatable platform. Social sync allows creators to connect their social profiles on social media with Creatable in order to capture engagement data from a creator’s connected social media profiles. The platform scans social posts for matching hashtags and gathers metrics over time for social posts that match the hashtags. Creatable analytics aggregates social data over time to provide precise reporting of post engagement on social media. This data is provided to brands in the form of campaign and analytics reports.

Setting up social sync

By default, social sync is available to all clients. Provided your hashtags are configured (see below), the platform will automatically start scanning the social media posts of creators that match your tracking hashtags.

As a brand, you can configure tracking hashtags in 2 places on the platform. 

The first is in your creator program settings. This configuration tells the platform to scan the connected social media profiles of all creators in your program. Any matching social posts will be monitored by the platform for up to 90 days. After 90 days, social posts are no longer monitored.

The second is within your campaign configuration. When creating a campaign, you can specify which hashtags should be tracked as part of the campaign. Any creators in your campaign who have connected their social profiles will be scanned to find posts that contain the matching hashtags. These posts will continue to be monitored for up to 90 days.

You can configure one or more tracking hashtags; social posts that match any of the tracking hashtags will be monitored.

How social post scanning works

Once a creator has connected one or more social media platforms, the system scans the creator’s social posts for any of the configured tracking hashtags. Posts that match your program settings or any campaign configuration are added to a list of monitored posts. These posts are scanned hourly. After each scan, any changes in engagement data are aggregated and the reporting data on the dashboard is updated.

A creator’s connected social profile may become disconnected by the social platform. In such case, the creator is immediately prompted to reconnect their social profile. During the time that the social profile is disconnected, the platform will not be able to gather any new social engagement data. Once the social profile is reconnected, the platform will resume the monitoring of the creator’s social posts and all reports will be updated accordingly.

Social sync monitoring

A social sync monitoring dashboard is provided in your account. This dashboard allows you to monitor the connection status and health of each of your creators. The dashboard contains 3 tabs:

  1. Realtime scan monitor
  2. Active connections
  3. Disabled connections

The realtime scan monitor tab allows you to see the scanning activity in realtime. As scans occur, the dashboard will automatically update highlighting changed rows in green. After a short amount of time, the green highlight will fade away.

The active connections tab allows you to see all of the active connections that exist across all of your creators.

The disabled connections tab allows you to see if any connections made by your creators have become disconnected. You can also reset connections from the dashboard, allowing creators to create new connections from scratch. It is important to note that regardless of social platform connection status, all scanned data is retained. Upon successful reconnection, scanning will resume and all reports will be updated.