Playbook for Influencers

A creator’s guide to the Creatable platform for influencers.

1 Getting started

The first step to start utilizing the Creatable platform is claiming/creating your account. 

  • Firstly, you should have received an invitation to join a campaign in your email. Simply click the “View Campaign Brief” button and provide your first/last name to claim your account. At this time you should also download and install the Creatable app for your iOS or Android device.

2 Social Sync

The first step to complete after logging into Creatable for the first time is setting up your social connections.

  • Click/tap social sync from the side menu
  • Connect Meta, Youtube, and Tiktok

3 Earnings and Payment Setup

  • If you are not already on the payroll of your brand, you may need to set up your payment preferences in the Creatable app.
    • Navigate to “Earnings” in the side menu and tap/click on “Payment Setup”
  • All earnings from your activity will appear here in the “Earnings” tab as they are accrued.

4 Campaigns

  • You will receive email notifications of campaigns that you have been invited to.
    • You can click/tap into the campaign details to learn more about the campaign and join it from the email invitation, or by navigating to “Campaigns”.
  • You can view the details of any campaign that you have been invited to and join it from the “View Campaign” button.
  • Once you’ve joined a campaign, it will appear in your active campaigns. 

Follow the workflow steps to select your product, submit your content, and post to social media.

  • You can ask your campaign admin questions at any time, as well as view all of the workflow steps that have occurred to date by tapping on the “Activity” tab.
  • When you have completed all requirements for the campaign, you will be marked as complete and the campaign will be moved to the “Ended” tab.
  • Once a campaign has been marked as complete, payment will be automatically added to your Payments in the app.

5 Profile and support

  • You can always update your profile information, such as your email address and your password from “Profile” in the side menu.
  • If you need technical support at any time, you can contact the Creatable team by tapping or clicking on “Support”.