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How does the Creatable service interact with my online store?

This discusses specifically how data is exchanged and how the Creatable service is deployed into an existing infrastructure.



The Creatable service interacts with your online store in the following ways:

  1. A product feed is made available to Creatable (FTP/SFTP/HTTPS). We receive and ingest this on a scheduled basis. It can be placed on an FTP/SFTP site, provided by Creatable or can be made available to Creatable for ingest via HTTPS.

  2. A conversion pixel is installed on the order confirmation page of your store. When this pixel fires, it sends the order details (SKU, Quantity, Price) to our system for conversion and revenue reporting. No personally identifiable information is sent.

  3. A Creatable widget is embedded onto an existing page (Home page, category page, product page, or other landing pages). This is a lightweight, non-blocking, asynchronous javascript widget that renders a shoppable experience into the page based on a specific configuration.

  4. A Creatable gallery is deployed to a sub-folder using a reverse-proxy configuration at the CDN layer. For example, this means that requests to www.domain.com/videos/* would be routed to Creatable and we would return the entire page contents to the requestor. Additionally, a gallery can be hosted on a sub-domain, which only involves a DNS level configuration to point the sub-domain, for example video.domain.com to the Creatable service.