Guide to full-funnel measurement

The purpose of this article is to outline how Creatable campaigns enable a brand to activate creator content and measure success across the complete funnel.

Creator content is proven to be the most effective media for a brand to engage with its customers, both in top-of-funnel marketing and bottom-of-funnel sales efforts. Running campaigns on the Creatable dashboard enables a brand to achieve, and measure, both initiatives simultaneously. 

Top-of-funnel Marketing

Running content campaigns on the Creatable dashboard is an effective way to generate top-of-funnel engagement with high performing Creators on social media. Whether you are looking to maximize reach with mega-influencers, generate product-specific expert content from micro creators (including your sales team), or anywhere in between, Creatable campaigns enable you to identify, target, and engage the best creators for your audience to create content for the exact product(s) you are promoting and post it to the audience you want to reach on social media.

The success of each campaign, and each Creator taking part, is automatically measured and displayed directly on the Creatable dashboard so that you can track the following top-of-funnel performance metrics*:

  • Earned Media Value: The monetary value of organic impressions and engagements gained via Creator posts on social media.
  • Engagements: The total number of likes, shares, comments, and saves from organic social posts.
  • Avg. Engagement Rate: Total engagements divided by total impressions for all creators across social media (excluding data from stories and boosted posts).
  • Followers: The total number of followers of all Creators taking part in a campaign.
  • Impressions: The total number of impressions from organic social posts.

*In addition to these data points, Creatable enables brands to empower creators to link back to the brand's website from social media as part of a given campaign (link in bio). Clicks on these links, and sales resulting from these clicks are attributed and measured, however it is important to note that these engagements represent a fraction of the impact due to social media link policies and should not be relied upon as an indication of the impact to your bottom-of-funnel metrics.

Bottom-of-funnel Sales

Creatable enables brands to increase sales on their e-commerce site with relevant and optimized shoppable Creator content experiences, automatically and at scale.

Content from Creator Campaigns can be used to populate a brand's Homepage or Product Detail Pages via a custom widget configured directly on the platform, power a Creator Content Gallery, enhance on-site search through the Creatable Content API, and empower your Sales Team to sell via shoppable content directly on personal Creator Storefronts and clienteling utilities.

The result of this optimized content reaching customers in their shopping journey consistently delivers a meaningful lift in sales

This success is automatically measured, and displayed directly on the Creatable Analytics Overview dashboard so that you can see the following metrics overall, for each Creator, for each campaign, and for each piece of content:

  • Total Sales: The total amount of all qualified sales.
  • Revenue per Video View: Video sales divided by video views.
  • Revenue per Photo View: Photo sales divided by photo views.
  • Total Conversions: The total number of all qualified orders.
  • Video Conversion Rate: Video conversions divided by video visits.
  • Photo Conversion Rate: Photo conversions divided by photo visits.
  • Average Order Value: Total sales divided by the count of sales.


Creatable enables brands to consolidate their top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel strategies through the highest performing content available today; Creator content. Running Creatable campaigns will simultaneously enable you to maximize your reach with the right audience(s) on social media and the conversion of those audiences into loyal customers through optimization of your e-commerce funnel. All activity is measured and optimized across the funnel in order to provide a complete understanding of the impact of every campaign.

To learn more about running campaigns with Creatable, you can schedule a demo here or reach out to your Client Success representative.