Creatable first-party cookie tracking

This article explains how Creatable utilizes first-party cookies to track creator engagement and sales.

As browsers and applications the world over continue to cease support for third party cookie tracking, it is imperative that brands are able to continue tracking their creator marketing activity without losing data due to third-party cookies being dropped.

The Creatable platform generates and serves shoppable creator content experiences that enable you to reach your customers on any of your digital touch-points. In order to track engagements and follow your customers from top-level engagement to conversion, cookies are utilized. Conversions are attributed to creator content in two ways: (i) views of creator content on your e-commerce site, and (ii) clicks on trackable links that the creator obtains from your campaigns and program.  

Views of content on your e-commerce site have always been tracked by first-party cookies that our technology sets on the browsers of shoppers who view the content. Corresponding transactions are attributed when the first-party cookie is present at the time of purchase and a qualifying view event occurred within the attribution window.

In order to facilitate shopping from external engagements, such as a customer discovering creator content on social media, trackable links are used, the second source of attribution per above. The links will direct traffic to a particular product page, a content page on your gallery, or creator storefront that is served by Creatable on your first-party domain. Trackable links are tracked through a first-party cookie that is set via the Creatable First-Party Link Tracking Pixel. This pixel must be installed on your site to ensure correct sales attribution and reporting. If you have not yet installed the pixel, Creatable will fall back to a third-party cookie set on the customer browser for all link tracking (pending deprecation by all browsers).

If you have any questions, or if you need help setting up your Sitewide Link Tracking Pixel, please reach out to your client success representative, or email us at