Accessibility and Compliance

Creatable and its clients address compliance for accessibility in the manner further detailed below.

Creatable Player:

The Creatable player complies with WCAG 2.1 video playback guidelines for accessibility in the following manner.

  • Closed Captions and transcripts are automatically generated for each video containing spoken audio by the platform. The use of captions is supported by the player.
  • You can choose to upload your own closed caption file per video, which would also be supported by the player.Player controls such as volume, play, and pause, can all be operated with a keyboard and have accessible labels for assistive technology such as screen readers.

Galleries and Widgets:

Creatable offers the ability to serve experiences on your site via the Creatable API and structured galleries and widgets available on the platform. Such experiences are customized to satisfy your design and functionality specifications, and implemented by you, the brand, forming a part of your website. Creatable recommends that you assess any accessibility requirements applicable to your website and will follow your direction and requirements for any such customization, development or implementation.