Playbook for Influencers

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Matt Hanan
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A creator’s guide to the Creatable platform for influencers.

1 Getting started

The first step to start utilizing the Creatable platform is claiming/creating your account. 

  • Firstly, you should have received an invitation to join a campaign in your email. Simply click the “View Campaign Brief” button and provide your first/last name to claim your account. At this time you should also download and install the Creatable app for your iOS or Android device.

Screen Shot 2023-10-19 at 1.23.45 PM.png1.png

2 Social Sync

The first step to complete after logging into Creatable for the first time is setting up your social connections.

  • Click/tap social sync from the side menu
  • Connect Meta, Youtube, and Tiktok

2 Social Sync.png

3 Earnings and Payment Setup

  • If you are not already on the payroll of your brand, you may need to set up your payment preferences in the Creatable app.
    • Navigate to “Earnings” in the side menu and tap/click on “Payment Setup”

3 Earnings and Payment Setup.png

  • All earnings from your activity will appear here in the “Earnings” tab as they are accrued.

All earnings.png

4 Campaigns

  • You will receive email notifications of campaigns that you have been invited to.
    • You can click/tap into the campaign details to learn more about the campaign and join it from the email invitation, or by navigating to “Campaigns”.

4 Campaigns.png

  • You can view the details of any campaign that you have been invited to and join it from the “View Campaign” button.
  • Once you’ve joined a campaign, it will appear in your active campaigns. 

Follow the workflow steps to select your product, submit your content, and post to social media.

  • You can ask your campaign admin questions at any time, as well as view all of the workflow steps that have occurred to date by tapping on the “Activity” tab.

You can view the details.png

  • When you have completed all requirements for the campaign, you will be marked as complete and the campaign will be moved to the “Ended” tab.
  • Once a campaign has been marked as complete, payment will be automatically added to your Payments in the app.

5 Profile and support

  • You can always update your profile information, such as your email address and your password from “Profile” in the side menu.
  • If you need technical support at any time, you can contact the Creatable team by tapping or clicking on “Support”.

5 Profile and support.png