Team Playbook

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Edgar Moreno
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A brand’s guide to the applicable parts of the Creatable platform that enable you to plan, execute, and measure Team Marketing Campaigns with affiliates and salespeople.

1 Setting up your Team

With Creatable, you can activate your in-store associates and other affiliates to create a Team online that is active on social media, and in your online store.

  • Set up regions and stores
  • Set up Tiers for Team members 
  • Set engagement and sales goals per Tier
  • Allocate on-site storefronts for your Team (see the STREAM product)
  • Commission your Team with sales attributed to trackable links and Team-generated engagement, all reported on the platform

Team 1.png

2 Campaign objectives

Team Campaigns can be created to support all of the following use cases, with or without the delivery of promoted products to gift to creators and/or support content creation.

  • Team content for social media brand awareness, reach and engagement
  • Team on-site content for engagement and sales
  • Team cross-funnel content for social and site
  • Team-produced content for other channels
  • Brand-produced or sourced content distribution via the Team

Team 2.png

3 Creator sourcing

Invite any salesperson or affiliate to apply

  • Dedicated application page for your program
  • Invite new recipients to join your Team
  • Invite per campaign
  • Bulk account creation for multi-store associate

4 Team compensation

Set the compensation model that suits your program best

  • No compensation
  • Commission
    • Existing commission rate
      • Configured by Tier
      • Configured by Salesperson
    • Additional commission
      • By product
      • By campaign
  • Participation award
    • Monetary
    • Other

5 Team approvals

Control and manage all creators for any campaign.

  • Moderate each application
  • Auto-approve trusted invitees
  • Content and social post approvals
  • Auto-approve workflow steps for trusted invitees

Team 5.png

6 Campaign brief

  • Summary
    • Campaign goals
    • Target market
  • Campaign requirements
    • Content requirements
    • Social post requirements
      • Deliverables
        • Instagram
          • Reel
          • Story
          • Static post
        • Tiktok
        • Pinterest
        • Youtube
          • Short-form
          • Long-form
        • Facebook
          • Story
          • Post
        • Twitter (X)
        • Threads
      • Hashtag(s)
    • Timeline requirements
    • Content Source
      • Library 
      • Original content
  • Product(s) to Promote
    • Select from product feed
    • Add new product(s)
  • Product Delivery
    • Coupon code
    • Reimbursement
    • Direct shipment
    • In Store Availability

Team 6.png

7 System-generated messaging 

  • Creators receive communications at each of the following steps throughout the workflow.
    • Creator invited to campaign
    • Creator approved
    • Creator waitlisted
    • Creator rejected
    • Creator content approved
    • Creator content changes requested
    • Creator social post approved
    • Creator social post changes requested
    • Creator comment/message notification
    • Creator participation canceled
  • Brand admin / agency receives communications at each of the following steps throughout the workflow.
    • Application received
    • Shipping information confirmed
    • Product selection confirmed
    • Content submitted
    • Social post submitted
    • Comment/message notification

8 Sending invitations from the platform

  • By Tier
  • By email
  • By account

Team 8.png

9 Confirm product delivery

  • Creator product selection
    • SKU 
    • Size
    • Color
    • Other variants 
  • Order product
  • Track shipment

Team 9.png

10 Manage content submissions & deadlines

  • Message creators to confirm delivery date
  • Send follow up message to ensure timely submission
  • Replace drop outs from waitlist (as applicable)

Team 10.png

11 Moderate content submissions

  • Review against content requirements
  • Review post text against social requirements
  • Provide feedback (as applicable)
  • Approve submission

Team 11.png

12 Moderate social post(s)

  • Review against social post requirements
  • Validate content used is same as approved
  • Review post text against social requirements
  • Review hashtags against social requirements
  • Provide comprehensive feedback and ensure understanding of feedback by creator (if necessary)
  • Follow up to ensure prompt resubmission (if necessary)
  • Approve social post
  • Pay creators
    • Ensure that creators are set up to receive payment
    • Validate payment is populated in payments section

Team 12.png

13 Publish content to site (optional, see STREAM product)

  • Shoppable video widgets for product, homepage and other pages
  • Gallery for content exploration/inspiration
  • Creators post directly to their storefront on TEAM campaigns

Team 13.png

14 Campaign performance & analytics 

  • Social performance metrics
    • EMV
    • Engagement rate
    • Social engagements
    • Post impressions
    • Video views
    • Likes
    • Comments
    • Saves
    • Link clicks
  • Site performance metrics
    • Video views
    • Video view-through rates
    • Photo views
    • Shares
    • Sales
    • Revenue per view
    • Conversion rates
    • Average order values
  • Identify high-performing creators
    • Negotiate long term engagements (optional)
    • Identify lookalikes
  • Identify high-performing content
  • Repeat with new campaign and apply learnings