Campaign Reporting

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Matt Hanan
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The performance of your campaigns with Creatable can be easily understood and reported on for any use case through both the campaign dashboard and the analytics dashboard.

Campaign Dashboard

The performance of each campaign can be found in the campaign dashboard under the "manage campaigns" section of the Creatable back office. This dashboard gives you a breakdown of each participant in the campaign, top level social media metrics for the campaign, as well as campaign specific details such as start/end date, etc.


Campaign Performance Report

The campaign performance report gives you detailed and top level metrics, including social media performance, on site engagement, and site sales for all campaigns over a given time period.


Program Campaign Insights

Additional detail around how each campaign has impacted your overall program performance over time is available by filtering the overview dashboard by a specific campaign. This way, you are able to see the effect of social media activity and engagement from campaign content over time on your site, living far beyond the end date of a given campaign.