Brand Setup Checklist

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Matt Hanan
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The following article outlines deliverables needed to complete each integration step.

Account Setup

  • Create account (Creatable)
  • Create SFTP site (Creatable)
  • Provide users (CLIENT)
  • Provide high resolution logo (CLIENT)
  • Provide high resolution square logo (CLIENT)
  • Provide favicon (CLIENT)
  • Provide primary color (CLIENT)
  • Provide secondary color (CLIENT)
  • Provide font (CLIENT)
  • Implement conversion tag (CLIENT)
  • Provide test credit card details for purchase testing (CLIENT)
  • Validate conversion data is sent from front end (Creatable)
  • Validate conversion data is received in DB (Creatable)
  • Implement sitewide tag (CLIENT)
  • Validate sitewide tag on front end (Creatable)
  • Provide product feed (CLIENT)
  • Configure product ingest (Creatable)
  • Create user accounts and deliver credentials (Creatable)
  • Provide program hashtag (CLIENT)
  • Implement program hashtag (Creatable)
  • Perform platform training (Creatable)

Initial Campaign 

  • Campaign kickoff call (Creatable)
  • Provide campaign details (CLIENT)
  • Implement campaign (Creatable)
  • Invite creators (Creatable)
  • Confirm content creation cycle 
  • Confirm social data capture
  • Confirm site data capture

Widget Setup

  • Confirm widget design (CLIENT)
  • Confirm content rules (Creatable)
  • Implement channel configuration (Creatable)
  • Implement widget (Creatable)
  • Provide widget code (Creatable)
  • Install widget (CLIENT)

Ambassador Program Setup (optional)

  • Determine initial creators (CLIENT)
  • Provide stores and regions (CLIENT)
  • Provide monthly goals (CLIENT)
  • Implement monthly goals (Creatable)
  • Add stores and regions to account (Creatable)
  • Provide commission rate (CLIENT)
  • Implement commission reporting (Creatable)
  • Provide initial creator details (CLIENT)
  • Create accounts and deliver credentials (Creatable)
  • Validate terms and conditions (CLIENT)
  • Provide platform training (Creatable)
  • Set up social sync per creator (CLIENT)

Creator Content Hub Setup (optional)

  • Provide Subfolder (CLIENT)
  • Provide blank header/footer page (CLIENT)
  • Create reverse proxy (CLIENT)
  • Confirm design (CLIENT)
  • Implement hub (Creatable)